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The Manitoba Metis Federation-Southwest Region Inc. is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to represent and serve the needs of the Metis of the Southwest Region.

The objectives of MMF-Southwest Region are set out in the Manitoba Metis Federation Constitution as follows:

  1. To promote the history and culture of the Metis people and otherwise to promote the cultural pride of its membership.
  2. To promote the education of its members respecting their legal, political, social and other rights.
  3. To promote the participation of its members in community and municipal, provincial, federal, Aboriginal and other organizations.
  4. To promote the political, social and economic interests of its members.
  5. To provide responsible and accountable governance on behalf of the Manitoba Metis Community using the constitutional authorities delegated by its members.


The Southwest Regional Office provides services and support to 4660+ registered Metis and their families. We have realized for a long time that we need to improve the communication network with our members. This website is our latest attempt to reach more Metis people and let them know of the services that are available at the Manitoba Metis Federation. We hope you enjoy the site!

Leah, John and Will.

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